Before you settle on a photographer

Whether you choose me as your photographer or use the services of another end of the day it really is all about capturing you, your family and friends in that moment.

I see on occasions people get over excited in seeing the photo of the kids and miss the rest of the photo. Yes the most important part is the main subject but what a difference it makes when the rest of the photo is accounted when clicking away. If the main subject is being blended into the background (usually from overexposure) that is normally from the photographer not knowing on how to read light.

Photography is all about light and unless the photographer knows how to work with light it's simple luck in getting the correct exposures even with todays digital cameras. 

Another one I see is missed focus points. In most cases when doing portraiture its the eyes and lips that will be the focus point and pending which aperture being used other features will be slightly out of focus. I see some where the photographer has missed the subject all together and the focus point has ended up being just in front or behind the subject. This gets overlooked because the subject has a awesome expression but eventually when your showing someone will point out it's not in focus. Very annoying moment for you.

Be objective when looking at photographers works, mine included as this these photos should be with your family for many years to comes so you want the best quality. You really don't want to look at them in time to come with ill feelings.

Several other things to look for is flooding the subject with light, if outdoors and people are squinting wrong technique (set up pose), composition of the photo (rule of thirds common practice) and objects taking your eye away from the main subject.

Below are some examples of the difference that can be made to a overall image just by knowing how to measure light.

Trust me over the years I've made plenty of the above mistakes and so many more so please don't think I'm making out to be Mr Perfect as this page was created to help choose the right photographer for you.

Below is a photo I took a few years ago for a 18th birthday.

  • Left side - depicts an underexposed photo, as you can see things look dull and flat.

  • Right side - depicts an overexposed photo, subjects are starting to be washed away. Young bloke in the blue shirt has started to loose detail and skin tone is lighter. Sky has a washed out effect.

  • Middle - Depicts an ideal exposure. Skin tones are correct, plenty of detail in subjects and overall a nice balance in colours, shadows and highlights.

Exposure Comparison.jpg

This one is actually a hard one to measure. The room is dark and outside bright so the trick is light up the model yet still have the right exposure for the rest of the photo to complete the story. A incorrect light measure would see either the model underexposed or the background overexposed. Overexposed would be no details leaving a bright white hotspot which would attract the viewers attention not the model.

Portraits 710013958.JPG

This one is over exposed and the sort I see most yet many overlook. Background has been all washed out and overall image looks flat. I showed the model this photo and she loved because of a beautiful smile and pose. This is what of people see but don't notice the washed out hair, outline of the arms merging with the background. Imagine this photo with a correct exposed background which would make the model pop.

Portraits 710016290.JPG

Below is an example of using natural light with flash to fill. Being an ideal exposure colours pop and details like highlights through the models hair. 

Photos of People_0012 V2.jpg

Below is a good example of over exposure to an ideal exposure. Both seem OK but the left one looks very washed out and flat. Hardly any definition in the sky just one big hot spot. On the right colours are more vibrant and plenty of definition. With the sky still not ideal you see more definition. As for the lovely couple more separation from the background. 

Photos of People_0006.jpg
Photos of People_0006-22.jpg

I do hope this page has helped in being a little more objective when looking at photographers work.


These days with the awesome software most can to adjustments with a few clicks but so much better starting of with a correctly exposed & composed photo than one that's just not up to scratch.

Every photo does need some form or editing just the same as pre-digital days, for me the less the better.