Landscapes & Cityscapes

Love this type of photography as I'm capturing scenes we all see everyday but to busy to appreciate. The amount of times people have commented saying I did not know we have such a beautiful suburb. I guess it's how we see things and I truly love show casing how wonderful our local area is. 

It's kinda funny on how the perception some have is me randomly going around snapping photos yet with some of these are weeks even months in the planning. Then even after the planning hoping weather conditions are favorable for that particular project if not back to planning as may not have the same opportunity for months. Most days looking at weather forecasts seeing what's predicted as always have a location or two just waiting for right conditions. 

Once the store is set-up many of these images will be available to purchase.

They will be a framed print ready to hang with many options on size, paper & frames. Slideshow only shows a limited amount of images for purchasing.